Enhance your home with glass

Imagine walking into a room drenched in natural light, with a view of the sky – such is the beauty of skylight windows!

Skylight windows can transform an unused indoor area into a remarkable space, filled with natural light, outdoor views and a fresh breeze of air, ensuring you get the most out of your home environment. Skylight windows provide up to 30% more light than vertical windows of the same size, they also take up less wall space, allowing you to maximise your living area. With skylight windows, you can add an incredible new dimension to your home without having to compromise on space or comfort. Natural light can create the illusion of size and has even been known to enhance people’s moods.

Places to Install Skylight Windows

Skylight windows are popular in attic spaces that have been converted into children’s rooms or working areas. Given that these spaces are already small and tend to lack in the natural light department, a skylight can make the world of difference. A skylight window may mean more time to spend in your attic without relying on artificial light and an even greater sense of openness while ventilating your living or working space.

Kitchens also serve as prime spots for skylights windows. You can prepare a meal soaked in natural light and even use the venting capacity of the skylight to serve as a natural chimney – exhausting moist, heated air and smelly cooking odours from your home.

In small properties, where privacy is an issue, a skylight in a bathroom or bedroom is a fantastic option. Not only does a skylight window allow you to maintain your privacy, but also illuminates your space and affords you stunning views of the sky, both day and night.

The Benefits of Using Skylights

Not only can skylights enhance your living space aesthetically, but they also have the potential to save when it comes to electricity costs. This technique enables you to have natural internal lighting, saving energy and money. This window design is perfect for small rooms where normal windows would be overwhelming. They also give these smaller rooms an enhanced sense of space and can unobtrusively ventilate homes. Skylight windows range in design and style, so you are able to choose exactly what you need to complement your space and enhance your home with glass.

Types of Skylight Windows

Skylights are essentially windows which are fitted at an angle rather than vertically, though the ceiling and the roof. Skylights consist of a glazed unit connected to a frame by a “curb.” Like windows, they may be operable or fixed. The style and design of skylight window you choose is dependent on the climate you live in. Styles of skylight windows include:


Domed or bubble shapes

Square and rectangular

Maintaining Your Skylight Windows

In order to get the best results from your skylight windows, they need to be kept clean. For most homeowners, cleaning skylights is one of the most-dreaded household chores – nobody wishes to spend their free time up a ladder! However, keeping skylights looking good is made much easier by fitting self-cleaning glass into the frames.

Self-cleaning glass is a coated glass with photocatalytic and hydrophilic properties. The ultraviolet light present in daylight reacts with the photocatalytic coating to break down organic dirt, like dust, bird droppings and tree sap,. The second part of the process uses the coating’s hydrophilic properties to help the rain flow evenly across the glass and wash the dirt away. This “sheeting” process allows the glass to dry quickly reducing unsightly streaks.